Saturday, August 2, 2014


Ok technically, summer is almost over but between finishing clinical hours and last minute thesis writing/defending, I am just now starting my summer book binge.

Here is what has gone down so far in the the binge:

Since I read the first two, I had to find out the end. And I wish I hadn't. I really couldn't place my finger on what I did not like about it, besides how confusing the dual narrative was, but thankfully a dear friend linked me up with this review that summed up how I felt. 

Wow. I am a fast reader (brag-much?) but I had to go slow with this one. It was challenging, frustrating, redeeming, liberating and necessary. I love it when people make me think. This guys had my mind turning until about 2 am every night. You might not agree with everything, but I dare you to read it and at least consider the truth that it does contain. And then if you add some of these lectures here from a dude named Jamie Winship. Upside Down world. LOVE IT.

A splendid and exceptionally well written memoir of a young lady growing up in the church. The first chapter connected me immediately and had me laughing out loud.  Being "on fire" in your youth can sometime leave you burned and she takes you through her personal story of getting burned by her own (and other's) misplaced zeal with such grace and humor. If your grew up in the middle of an evangelical subculture:  had a WWJD bracelet, went to youth group or summer camp, and longed to be a Jesus Freak; you will most likely connect too and find hope in the idea that our faith can be made whole and new again. 

What I am currently devouring:

Guys. God is working on me. ok. God is working on both Hubs and me. And he is getting ready to turn our world UPside down….. AGAIN.  I found this book because the same way I am obsessed with Fire Truck PJ's, I am also obsessed with IF:Equip and the founder Jennie Allen.

What I am hoping to have room for later:

The same incredible couple that let us borrow Speaking of Jesus, lent the Hubs this grizzly beast. He has had to take a couple breaks in some chapters where some sh#* got real. An amazing story of a man whose faith was tested through some really dark places and times. Not for the faint of heart, but maybe it is the faint of heart who would benefit most.

Any other Suggestion? 
Have you read any of these? What did you think?
What are you guys reading this summer?

And as with previous book posts, I will leave you with some inspirational music:


  1. I'm hosting a book club tomorrow for Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. It's interesting and so beautifully written. I loved being absorbed into another era so completely. Also, I just finished reading the second Divergent book.... my curiosity of piqued now for the third one. Reading Rainbow!

    1. I will have to check out that book. I love historical fiction and books that truly transport me to a different time. I am a sucker for those. Don't hold your breath for Allegiant..... Haha I felt pretty annoyed by it the whole time I was reading.

  2. Thanks everyone for such great recommendations via here, facebook or email. I have lots of great books to finish my summer with. Keep them coming. :) I will let you know you know what I think.