Monday, August 5, 2013

State Clearance, USCIS and Jack Donaghy

State/FBI Clearance update:

Just got off the phone with Shirley (new friend over at the state dept):

Fingerprints were received and the clearance was put in the mail TODAY!

Let the dancing begin!

USCIS update:

They accepted our application this time. Excellent. It is still in route to the National Benefit Center, which they call NBC. The man on the phone only laughed a little at my joke asking if Jack Donaghy  was going to be my assigned officer or if I could request Liz Lemon instead.  Everyone start praying that the 75 day estimate for processing/approval he gave me is more like 2 weeks.   I want Christmas snuggles people!!!

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  1. Hooray for fingerprints!!! :) PTL!! We're totally in the same boat with you for NBC. They got our home study on Friday and matched them and now the wait. :) Praying they expedite both of our cases! I'm all for 2 weeks!!