Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I learned in Computer class

For my last job, I was trying to make a spreadsheet to help me keep up with daily data for an end of the year report and quickly realized I do not recall how to navigate efficiently around Excel.
Then I remembered why. All I learned in Computer class was how to hunt buffalo and pack lightly. I lost a lot of good friends and family to the trail and we had some memorable trips. Between this and Midnight Rescue during elementary keyboarding class, it is simply an accomplishment that I have even figured out how to blog!

Disclaimer: This video is long but somehow addicting. I encourage you to only watch enough to jog the memory and then shut-her-down.

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  1. Hey Carly, I found your blog on fb today and this post has made my heart smile! :) I remember these days!!!...and I have just as much trouble with excel. Thanks mcs computer class. molly (row) s.